The optometrist/owner of C2020 store asked me to create a warm and spacious atmosphere for his eye care service showcasing 350 to 400 handcrafted frames. This 980 square-feet store includes 2 eye-exam rooms, an office & a retail area. The main challenge was how to create a feeling of spaciousness out of a 350 square-feet retail space, and to present the frames in an impressive but easily accessible manner for every customer.

A floating white oak reception desk with work cabinets is custom made to accommodate a more compact reception area. Walnut, used in the display casework, communicates the warmth of handmade frames by its grain and color. To reduce budget costs without losing character, the reception feature wall uses embossed paper pulp, light pendants are made of recycled plastic hangers and the 22-foot long display glass cases are made of a combination of laminated and solid walnut wood. Tailor-made design always triggers a higher cost line but this can be solved by striking the right balance of detail and simplicity.